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Gum Grafting – Huntington Beach, CA

A Fresh Start for Damaged Gums


Does your smile look a little “long in the tooth”? Gum recession can occur for various reasons, including gum disease, genetics, teeth grinding, and other factors. In addition to its cosmetic disadvantages, it exposes your sensitive tooth roots to outside stimuli and can make it painful for you to enjoy hot and cold foods. If you have suffered a degree of gum recession, Dr. Justin Braga, a skilled periodontist in Huntington Beach, may be able to address this issue via a gum grafting procedure.

Why Choose Huntington Beach Periodontics for Gum Grafting?

  • Experienced, Board-certified Periodontist
  • Comfortable, Precise Treatment
  • Natural-looking, Long-lasting results

How Gum Grafting Works

Beautiful smile after gum grafting in Huntington Beach

Gum grafting is also known as a gingival graft or periodontic plastic surgery. The purpose of the procedure is to use tissue from another location to cover the exposed roots of teeth. The new tissue integrates with the existing gums. Ultimately, it enhances the aesthetics of the patient’s smile and serves to protect their vulnerable tooth roots.

The tissue that is grafted onto the gums may come from a few different sources. Commonly, a patient’s own tissue from the roof of their mouth is used. It is also possible to utilize donor tissue.

What to Expect with Gum Grafting

Skilled periodontics team carefully performing gum grafting procedure

The gum graft surgery itself is fairly brief; it typically does not take longer than 1 – 2 hours. Dr. Braga will ensure your comfort via local anesthesia and sedation if necessary. Following the procedure, you should take it easy for a day or two to give your body an opportunity to heal. You’ll need to avoid hard, crunchy, hot, and cold foods while your mouth is on the mend. Most patients are fully recovered within just a couple of weeks.

Benefits of Gum Grafting

Man admiring his smile after gum grafting procedure

Gum grafting offers some outstanding benefits:

  • A gorgeous smile. A gum graft not only makes a smile more proportionate, but it also looks completely natural. Once you fully recover from this restorative and cosmetic procedure, onlookers will not be able to tell that you have had some work done.
  • Long-lasting results. As long as you care well for your mouth, the results of your gum graft have the potential to last a lifetime. Protecting your gums requires diligent but gentle oral hygiene and regular professional dental care.
  • Reduced dental sensitivity. Because the gum graft will ensure your sensitive tooth roots are covered, you may find it easier to enjoy hot and cold foods.

Would you like to learn more about gum grafting in Huntington Beach and how it may be able to transform your smile? Request a consultation with Dr. Braga today! 

Gum Grafting FAQs

Woman smiling after receiving gum grafting in Huntington Beach

If you have never had gum grafting treatment done before or you are learning about it for the very first time, we understand if you are having second thoughts about undergoing the procedure. You can rest assured that Dr. Braga is happy to walk you through each step of the treatment process ahead of time and will do everything possible to help you get comfortable. To ease your concerns, Huntington Beach Periodontics & Dental Implants has included a few of the most common questions we hear regarding gum grafting treatment below, so feel free to give them a look ahead of your appointment!

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Is gum grafting painful?

While gum grafting is certainly an involved procedure, the process is actually much more comfortable than patients expect. This is not only because of Dr. Braga’s many years of experience performing this procedure, but also because of the local anesthetic that’s provided before it begins. We also make use of soft tissue laser technology, a dental tool that works to reduce bleeding during aftercare and discomfort that could be felt after treatment.

Are there different types of gum grafts?

Yes, there are three main types of gum grafts that can be performed. This includes pedicle, connective tissue, and free gingival gum grafts.

Pedicle gum grafts make use of donor material that is near the treatment site. After a small flap of gum tissue is pulled away, it is moved over to cover the area where the gum has receded.

Connective tissue gum grafts make use of tissue from a donor site specifically taken from under the skin. In contrast, free gingival grafts use tissue from a donor site that includes portions of skin tissue.

Am I a candidate for gum grafting?

If you currently have significant gum recession, which is when the teeth appear longer due to the gums being pulled back, you are a likely candidate for gum grafting. With that said, you should also have good oral and overall health, just like you should ahead of any oral surgery. It’s also important that you remain committed to taking better care of your gums from here on out as your risk for periodontal disease is higher on average.

Will gum grafting prevent tooth loss?

Depending on the circumstances, gum grafting can dramatically reduce the chances of you needing to have a tooth extracted. This is because the donor tissue is able to cover and protect the root portion of the tooth (or pointed end that sits beneath the gum line). It also stops gum recession from spreading to other areas of the mouth. While every patient case is unique and you’ll need to complete a consultation with us ahead of time, gum grafting can potentially save teeth from needing removal.

What if I’m too afraid to undergo treatment?

Many patients find the idea of gum grafting scary at first, but our team is here to help. Not only are we happy to create a calming and accommodating environment for you to ease your concerns, but we also provide varying strengths of sedation dentistry in-house for your convenience. Feel free to ask us about them during your visit!

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